5 cute things to do for valentines day with ur date 😉

Valentines day is slowly approaching us. Whether you’re gonna be with your bae, sneaky link, situationship, family, bestfriend(s) or even by yourself, you want to do something for this day of LOVE. Well, we’ve got you covered with these 5 cute dates.


Get a hotel room in your city for the night or two and decorate it as you’d like to make the vibe right. You can order room service or grab all your favorite types of food before reaching the hotel. Watch some romance movies, like Love Jones or The Notebook, Play games and have your night cap, we all know that’s what it falls down to 😉. It is known for prices to be high for Valentines Day so make sure you book your hotels now and check sites like Groupon and or Hoteltonight for a discounted rate.

Go see a Drive-in Movie
Drive in movies have made a comeback and are quite popular again, especially with covid. Bring all the snacks you love, Bring a couple of blankets and pillows and cuddle up with your date ♥️
If you are in the NY/NJ area, be sure to check out the SKYLINE DRIVE IN https://skylinedriveinnyc.com

Book a Massage
Treat yourself and your valentines to a relaxing and bonding experience. Make your massage an even better experience with Champagne and chocolates, it can’t get any better than that 😉. Or if you’d like to save a coin, Set up a massage for you boo at home or in your hotel room. Make it more sensual with candles and flavorful massage oils. Look up some massage routines on YouTube to impress your date 😉 to have them wanting more.
f you’re in the NY/NJ area here’s some Spas you can check out :


Throw a Valentine-Dinner Party
If you’re single and don’t want to spend vValentines Day alone, or if you and your spouse love to host, Throw a dinner party. Invite your friends over for a cute intimate valentines themed party. Spend the day cooking and decorating before welcoming your guests for a night of fun, tasty drinks, good food and good vibes.

Drinks + Paint = FUN ! Enjoy a painting session at your local paint studio. If you don’t want to go out, that’s fine!! Have a sip & paint in your own home with a group of your friends, your spouse or even ny yourself. Go to your local 5below and grab a paint kit from there or go to Amazon.com they have plenty. Then head on over to the liquor store grab your favorite drinks, and have your very own sip and paint.

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